Looking Forward to 2019. A Message from Rabbi Rafi

The purpose of a New Year is not to “be moved,” but to get moving! We set goals and resolutions that are best judged with the perspective of time and distance.

Looking forward to 2019, we can take stock of the plans we made at Rosh Hashana and rededicate ourselves to achieving them. As 2018 comes to a close and we gear up for the New Year, I am reminded of a story that I often think about around the “other” New Year – Rosh Hashana:

After an uplifting High Holidays, a congregant said to his Rabbi, “Wasn’t your Yom Kippur amazing?!” The Rabbi paused and responded, “How should I know now? Ask me again at Chanukah time and I will be able to tell you.”

This powerful exchange highlights that the goal of a New Year is not to “set it and forget it”, but to commit to taking action and becoming the change we want to see. Perspective allows us to look back and view from a distance what we have (or sometimes have not) achieved. If we use the prompt of December to see how our Rosh Hashana commitments are going, we can refocus on what’s important and spend the cold months be warmed from the inside out knowing we are doing the work that matters to us.

Our resolutions tend to be introspective and personal in nature, frequently applying to our own health, relationships and success. The House hopes that along with achieving those personal goals, you will also take a leap with us in 2019 and resolve to stay engaged with the Jewish community in order to strengthen our bonds and grow as an engaged, inspired collective of amazing young professionals.

Have a wonderful end of 2018 and I look forward to an exciting 2019 of growth!


Rabbi Rafi