Jewish Leadership Takes Optimism, Courage and Commitment

A Message from The House Founder, Rabbi Rafi Lipner

Coming off the heels of Purim (and perhaps a few L’chaims), it is the perfect time to remember and celebrate the deep connection between inspired Jewish leadership and optimism. A belief that any challenge faced by the Jewish people, can and will be overcome. Purim is the story of a people who, by decree of the king, were given few reasons to feel optimistic in their future.

However, we know how the story turns out….with a L’chaim – to both an escape from destruction and to a renewed sense of Jewish life and commitment to a unique mission. The story is one of fierce leadership by Esther who stands up for her people, and it is the story of resolute commitment by Mordechai who never bowed to external forces, and always stood tall for his Jewish identity and principles.

This is exactly what we, at The House, believe is the story of Jewish greatness –  pride, leadership, and commitment to our values even under pressure. This is what all of our programming aims to inculcate in the over 2500 young adults that experienced our programming this past year! Whether at large-scale events such as JEDx (coming up on June 12th, 2019!) or at intimate and custom-designed programs, events and workshops, The House is all about meaningfully engaging, educating and strengthening the next generation.  Don’t just take my word for it: It is with great pride that I invite you to read our first ever Annual Impact Report, by clicking the link found in this newsletter. It tells the story of a miraculous future that is unfolding thanks to your dedication! For this, I feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude – that none of what The House has built would be possible without you and our growing family of supporters.

I am excited to discuss The House’s next stage of growth as set out in our strategic plan and I welcome and encourage you to invest in our community’s young adults. They are our next generation of fierce and inspired leaders.

Chag Purim Sameach!

Rabbi Rafi


The House Newsletter: March 2019