Jumans of Toronto 2018

We all have dreams. We’re looking for those who are willing to do what it takes to chase after them.

We’re speaking to local Jewish Torontonians who are fueling their lives with passion and purpose. You’ll get an inside look at the dedication and commitment that comes with caring so deeply in the pursuit of something great.

A 50-part series, Jumans of Toronto is a window into the lives and passion of Jewish young adults making their mark in the world.  

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“I get on stage, jump around with your little sister and your 92-year old grandmother and that’s my Saturday night.”






“There’s a shift happening. It can be scary to be part of its early stages, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough, but what starts as a trickle can turn into a flood.”










“That’s when I decided to become a doula- to support other women through pregnancy and birth.”










“We want to make products that make people happy. It’s really about appreciating the little things that make a difference in your day.”











“As a Jewish person, when you don’t want to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant it’s like- what do I do? After I finished my masters, that’s when the soul-searching had to really begin.”