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Just incase you want to see some of the other great things that have gone on in the past, we keep our past events here. See something you like and want us to offer it again…just let us know!! Everything old can be new again. If it could happen with Bell Bottoms – it could happen with anything!

Challahpalooza Challahpalooza 2015!

  A Little Bit of Dough Goes a Long Way Challah is that magical, fabulous bread that tastes just as warm and fluffy as the memories it engenders.  Let’s share some challah with the people who need it most! Get down and doughey at The House’s widely successful annual Challah bake, our third year running!  […]

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Lend-a-Hand, “Just Desserts” Edition

  Because sweetness doesn’t just come from sugar When you’re cold, you have hot chocolate. When you get a shot at the doctor’s, you get a lolly. When you’re dumped… well, you hug a tub of ice cream. Yes, there’s certainly a lot to be said for the healing properties of dessert, and how it […]

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Think Twice Presents Summerfest BBQ Picnic Event

Think Twice Presents a Special Summerfest BBQ Picnic event On Tuesday June 24th join us at Rabbi Rafi’s home for an awesome evening with a delicious BBQ dinner, insightful discussion and like-minded people, and a celebration of the gorgeous summer weather. Discussion topic: “Keeping your Jewish spark alive” and sharing stories of personal experiences of […]

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