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AJN_Generic Design_eventbrite square_Jo edit Age Is Just A Number
Join The House as we share our love of the arts with seniors at Cummer Lodge, accompanied by piano, dance ...
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TheHouse_InstagramSquare_800x800_Braided Braided
Think you’re sweet? Or do you have a salty side? Maybe there’s room for both? Show us how you roll… ...
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TheHouse_InstagramSquare_800x800_SummerInThesix Switched to the Six: Summer Edition
We’re cranking up the heat for a sizzlin’ summer edition of Switched to the 6ix, The House’s ace Millennial networking ...
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The-Amazing-Race-Instagram (3) The Amazing Race: Kindness Edition
You’ll be in it to win it once you feel the thrill of doing good. Team up and race to ...
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TheHouse_InstagramSquare_800x8005 Run With The Rabbi: B&O Yorkville Run
Gear up for a high-spirited sprint that’s sure to give both ‘sole’ and ‘soul’ a healthy workout.  Warm up with ...
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