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JEDx 2019
Powered by The Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman Foundation, JEDx is The House’s flagship annual event and Toronto’s premier event ...
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Yom Ha’atzmaut Block Party
JNF Future & The House Presents: Yom Ha’atzmaut Block Party! Join us for a night of music, drinks, food and ...
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Yom Hashoah V’hagvurah
Join Neuberger Young Professionals, UJA’s Genesis and The House to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom Hashoah 2019. Individuals in their 20s and 30s gather ...
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Kibbitzing 101
Join The House and Jon Selig for a crash course in Professionally Kibbitzing, but really it’s a workshop covering comedy ...
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Pay it Forward Purim
One of the mitzvahs of Purim is to give Mishloach Manot  – giving gifts (usually of food and drinks) to ...
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Movie Night! “Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel”
The House, in partnership with The Toronto Jewish Film Festival, are happy to present an early and private screening of Heading ...
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Shabbat in the 6IX… still chillin’
Shabbat Dinner and Switched to the 6IX collide in: SHABBAT in the 6IX… still chillin’ Life. Is. STILL. Busy! Winter ...
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Out of the Cold: House Edition
A SOCIAL ACTION EVENT Warm Clothes. Warm Beds. Warm Meals. Warm Hearts. This is what Out of the Cold provides ...
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Blood Drive
We’ve all heard the slogan before, Blood. It’s in you to give. But did you know that YOUR blood can ...
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Jumans of Toronto: Shine Jumans of Toronto: SHINE
What happens when Toronto’s finest, most creative and fun young professionals gather to give their take on Jewish life?!  Find out ...
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