Down There

Improving pelvic health is a mysterious facet of women’s health that has recently started attracting buzz and attention. Education leads to empowerment, so we are excited to present a program dedicated to the importance of pelvic health – and not just for mothers, but for ALL women! Join special guest, Chana Ross, Pelvic Physiotherapist and founder of Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness, and educator Rifka Sonenberg, who will lead an open, warm and safe conversation on women’s health and wellness, and the connection between Judaism and our physical and spiritual bodies.

TYPE: Women’s Programming, Health
DATE: Wednesday, August 6th
TIME: 7:00pm
PARKING: Street Parking & Green P
DRESS: Casual
COST: $25, $45 for a pair
LED BY: Chana Ross & Rifka Sonenberg
TICKETS: Click here.